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20er-Goldvreneli raffled

At this year's competition of the company Rölli Auktionen AG, which was published in the SBZ and in the Lupe der Post of summer 2020, our lucky fairy Manuela Müller was able to choose ten winners among the 120 participants. We congratulate her warmly! Lucky fairy Manuela Müller drawing the winners 1st price: 20er-Goldvreneli, Daniel [...]

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Good fortune knows no boundaries

The Significance of Chinese Letters Its 1913 and you find yourself in Southern China, miles away from Switzerland at a time of revolution and change. The end of the Qing Dynasty and the declaration of the Chinese Republic is a year away. Difficult times for many people who are desperate for good news. In the [...]

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Highlights which we are proud of At our auctions we have witnessed some fantastic moments and would love the opportunity to share them with you. Here you can find some highlights of our latest auctions. Letter featuring Basel Dove. An exceptional piece with particularly lovely relief.   Decorative folded letter with very well preserved rare [...]

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Philately at the Cape of Good Hope

Silent Witnesses Cape of Good Hope 1900: the second Boer war between the Orange Free State, the South African Republic and Great Britain rages on and the city of Mafeking has been under siege for 217 days.  Under the leadership of Colonel Robert Baden-Powell the British troops try to defend the city against the attacking [...]

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