Surprising turn of events: Rölli Auktionen AG lives on!

Rölli Auktionen AG lives on!

Last week the last Rölli stamp auction takes place in Rothenburg, with Christina Rölli as manager. Eight months ago, business partner Peter Suter had to leave the company from one day to the next for health reasons.  As his expertise is extremely comprehensive, no one could be found to take his place.

Therefore, after careful consideration, Christina Rölli decided to give up the auction business after the present auction and to downsize. She will open a small storey shop with an online shop for stamps, postage and accessories at Buzibachring 10 in Rothenburg in May.

Surprising turn of events

Practically at the last minute, shortly before the start of her last auctions, a solution for the continuation of the auctions was found after all. The buyers are Frank Uray, the second-generation dealer and philatelist ( with his partner Britt A. Schönbeck, a passionate collector since childhood. They will hold the 71st Rölli Auction on 16-17 September 2022.

Five years ago, Frank Uray (55) took over the stamp stock of his late father Oscar Uray, who had been dealing in stamps full-time in Stansstad since the 1970s. In the last five years, Frank Uray has been able to establish himself as an online stamp dealer on the side. More and more, the desire arose to deal in stamps full-time. He and his partner Britt A. Schönbeck (48) contacted various dealers and now this plan can be realised.

Christina mit Frank Britt


The auction house will continue to operate as usual in a professional, sympathetic and purposeful manner. Only the location of the office will probably be moved to Lake Hallwil. Christina Rölli will continue to support the new owners with her experience and expertise. The auctions will be held centrally in Lucerne in the future. More detailed information will be communicated in April 2022 at the latest. This much can be said: It will be great, because it goes on!